About me


The only thing I love more than teaching is learning.”

I’m a learner, a teacher, a traveler, a wannabe chef, a great swing dancer in my own dreams, I’m curious and I’m asking questions. 

My professional life is a huge part of my life and I’m realizing again and again that I can’t separate it less and less from other interests of my life. The line became blurry which is fine for me because it is my passion.

After university I worked as a software trainer before I decided to go back into teaching in school. It was the right decision. 4 fantastic great years in Seoul/South Korea followed as a classroom teacher at the German School Seoul.
Being back in Germany since summer 2010 gave me the chance to get into PYP which is still an enrichment for my teaching. Working at an international school opened my eyes in various directions. I was working at the Berlin Metropolitan School (BMS) and at the Bavarian International School (BIS), in the German Department of the Primary School as a PYP (German language) teacher. It couldn’t have been better and I’m very thankful to have great colleagues who definitely have been the reason for such a good time.
My professional journey and the excitement went on. From the beginning of August 2014 I was in the Primary School Library as a Library Media Specialist. Thanks to Coetail and the the amazing PLN I got the chance to head in that direction. This opportunity showed me how important the new literacies are (f.e. information literacy) and that we need to shift “The 4 C’s of Learning” – Communication – Collaboration – Creativity – Critical Thinking – to a different level.

Since April 2015 I’m facing the wonderful challenge of being the mother of Clara.

Since August 2016 as Educational Technology Coach at GESS (German European School Singapore). Of course my main role is to support the teachers integrating technology in order to enhance the learning of their students. The ISTE Standards are the foundation and guidelines and therefore it was important to do my latest certification – the Certified Educator.

ISTE Certified Educator Assets - Badge

My learning journeys …

4 replies on “About me”

I have worked with Verena at one of my previous schools in Germany. She truly is passionate about inquiry and more importantly about life. I am lucky to have had her as a colleague and even more lucky to call her my friend. Well done Verena!


Never stop learning, thinking about our students means learn from them and teach for them.
Thank you, in the name of the parents of your students, in the name of your students, in the name of all the other teachers being inspired by your learning and last thank you for all in the name of a father of four children being in school (next time). M.


“Verena is such a passionate teacher and coach, she’s always guiding creative and new ways of thinking to her students. Her great mind and skills lead the students who have very diverse background not only to be a highly motivated doer but also to be a highly critical thinker. She’s also encouraged her colleagues to think out of box and created learning culture within the organization. Her passion is all about learning, creative learning!”


I have worked with Verena in the past and I am now very much looking to working with her again. She is passionate, interested and interesting. Her commitment for education is such that learning happens everyday, every moment! This year I hope to embark on an exciting journey of long distance learning with her and make my classes benefit from what we will be working on together. Let the fun begin!


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