Empower the students to drive the change at your school

Since the first time I heard about the Techsperts (@TechspertsEDU) at SAIS (Stamford American School Singapore) I really wanted to start this at our school as well. The initiator Craig Kemp (@mrkempnz) wrote in a blog post about his approach and experiences here: ‘Techs-perts – Utilising the skills of Digital Natives’. Another EdTech Coach from Dulwich College Singapore encouraged me so finally that got me sit down and plan.

At our school they are called Tech Tree Team and in secondary they are already in action for a while. So why not initiating this in primary?

Why the Tech Tree Team?

Students get empowered and will drive the change regarding technology use at GESS in order to enhance the learning of parents, teachers and students. 

What is the Tech Tree Team?

The Tech Tree Team at GESS Primary School is a group of committed students  who are highly interested in many aspects of technology – whether it is coding, being creative with apps, solving any kind of problems or in general working with the iPad/laptops.

What are the goals?

Members of the Tech Tree Team will

  • assist teachers/students in class during lessons
  • Assist/run training sessions for adults/students
  • Support new students
  • Support substitute teachers

The Teach Tree Team will meet once a week during lunch to learn together, to share experiences, to solve problems as well as find solutions or prepare training sessions.

I have planned the application process quite detailed:

I informed the homeroom teachers and then visited the 12 Grade 4/5 classes and let them watch the following promotion video:

Each student had to apply in order to become a member of the team. 

Step 1:
Create a video about WHY you want to be a member of the Tech Tree Team (max. 2min). Save the video with Frau Zimmer and Ms. Ayesha.

One of my favourites was hers: Yasmin

Step 2:
If your application is accepted you will be invited to a Seesaw class. It’s my goal to get them aware of what kind of learner they want to be based on the ISTE Standards for the students  – Make it! Share it! Find it! Solve it! Protect it! Use it!. Honestly, I couldn’t figure out who came up with this student friendly language. Those words are definitely understandable for Primary school students. Those activities are a tuning into the possible ways they/we want to go as a team.

Step 3:
Create a short training session, present the training session. If successful, you will be part of the Tech Tree Team.

Congratulations! I’m as excited as you are and I’m very much looking forward to share a learning journey with them.

Please follow them on Twitter #GESSlearns. Additionally, I’m planning to blog and let them blog about our experiences.

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