Who are the EdTech Coach Gurus out there?

As I probably mentioned before besides personal and face to face encounters with inspiring people Twitter is my preferable way to get good and very individualised PD. Many Twitter users already shared how they use Twitter to get inspired, to think out of the box, to share, to comment, to communicate, to exchange knowledge, to make other people think, to provoke, to encourage, to stimulate … yes, all those things Twitter can do to you.

Just in case you want to get into it, here is a start:

Part of the online course “Coaching From Theory to Practice” is to find 5 EdTech Coaches and share with the cohort. First I thought that this should be easy. Well, you want the good ones. I definitely follow already some EdTech Coaches through the Coetail Community (#coetail). But I have never really focused on coaching.

So I guess the solution for this is to follow some and decide after a while whether you want to continue following them or rather not.

ISTE created an account on Twitter called EdTechCoachesNetwork. And there is a list of EdTech Coaches which has 1112 members. I subscribed and looked at the list of members. Crazy. How do I find for good ones? Well, let’s search on the website for primary, elementary, coach, Digital Learning Coach, Instructional Technology Coach, Library Media Specialist, classroom teacher … In classroom I told the students that they need to play with words in their minds in order to get good search results. Here we are. And the same search strategies work in google. I added Coetail because then I at least have an idea what mindset the coaches probably have. Like I said before follow them, see what they tweet on Twitter and write on their blog and then make a decision.

And here they are:

Which EdTech Coach is inspiring you? Let me know!

PS.: I’m sure there are good Google + Communities for EdTech Coaches …

PSS.: I’m sure there is something on Flipboard …

PSSS.: I’m sure there are good coaches on Periscope …

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