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Do I Need to Date Again?

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I’m not gonna lie – like a friend of mine always says – : Teaching and education is my passion. It’s now almost 3 month since I stopped working mid of December at BIS in Munich/Germany. I love being in classroom with the students and I love to exchange ideas and thoughts about teaching and learning. I miss it. I’m not gonna lie.

Sometimes life (in this case it’s actually us) though gives you a change which is more or less easy to adapt to. Our move to Singapore and the wonderful fact of expecting a baby are such a change, both wanted and wisely decided. The fact of the matter is however that I’m currently can’t enjoy teaching in the classroom. At the moment it still feels like vacation even though there is a lot to organise and inquire into in a new country. But there are quite a lot of moments where I miss the students and being in a school environment. I won’t be in a classroom so soon again which I just have to face. I’m not afraid of change but it challenges me to be open minded, to search for new chances and to see and risk new possibilities.

The question is: How can I fulfill my need to nurture my passions anyways? Do I have to date again in order to build a network, preferable also one which includes face to face encounters?

The following are my ideas so far:

  • Being (more) active within my Personal Learning Network (PLN), meaning feeding Twitter, Google+, reading and commenting on blogposts, sharing inspiring ideas with people I know, attending Twitter chats, maybe Google Hangouts, etc.

 -> That’s probably the easiest for me.

  • Writing blog posts

-> That’s more difficult for me because it seems to be easier for me to write and reflect about something which I experienced in class. Let’s see, maybe being more active within the PLN will give me inspiration.

  • Attending conferences online and offline

-> There are some conferences coming up which I rather would like to experience offline in order to meet people face to face. Luckily Twitter gives us the possibility to attend anyways.

  • Continuing my education in order to develop my knowledge

-> One possibility – I thought about – could be to become a Coetail Coach. Another would be to study again and do a master. At the moment it is not possible for me to say how much time and energy I will have in my new circumstances. So I feel like I have to postpone this.

  • Using whatever social media tool in order to find other educators in Singapore who are passionated and want to initiate change in education.

-> Through I found some groups here in Singapore and yesterday I went to a gathering called “Shut up and Do it already!” organised by a group called Global Authenticon Edutech Geniuses. The organizer’s main goal is to transform teaching and learning through the approach of authentic learning and flipped classroom. It was great to meet and to discuss with other educators from Singapore as well as from different countries of the world who are all positive thinkers with great ideas. A fantastic start, I have to admit. There are other groups like Teach Cafe, Singapore – Education Community Meetup Group which will soon organise an educamp, and Singapore Edtech Asia Meetup – not bad for the beginning.

Like building new friendships it takes time as well as it needs a lot of effort and initiative to build a new circle of like-minded people. As much as I like Twitter etc., exchanging ideas and in best case collaborating somehow with somebody face to face I like most. It almost feels like dating though because you never know what the outcome will be. But I’m ready for that challenge.

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