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Twitter – No thanks!

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Since I’m using Twitter, other social media and tools like Flipboard for professional development and I’m experiencing the amazing benefits of it for my professional life I wish to use Twitter in school with/for students and the whole school community as well. Somebody said that the focus at school isn’t only content and concepts it’s more and more the fact that we are living in a connected world. Twitter, other social media, and so many other tools allow us to connect and collaborate with others in order to learn, to create, to invent, so solve problems, to support each other and a lot more. 

Finally I got the chance because of working in the primary school library at my school. I decided to use Twitter in the library for different reason:

  • Transparency
    By tweeting regularly it’s my wish to give the community an idea of what is happening in the library. It gives me the chance to inform the parents about my visions about reading for pleasure and information literacy.
  • Inspiration
    There are so many fantastic ideas and knowledge out there that I can’t help myself so I have to share it. Great librarians tweet or libraries from all over the world that tweet what’s going on in the library. But just by following the teacher librarian chat #tlchat I get endless ideas, inspiration, and food for thought.
  • Communication
    It’s also my wish to communicate with the members of the community, e.g. get their thinking about different aspects or get their book wish list. Additionally I want to give students a voice why e.g. they like and recommend a book. It also allows me to initiate and promote activities to encourage reading.


What if there are still so many people who still don’t see the benefits?

What if there are so many people who say they don’t want anything new?

What if even the majority of teachers at my school doesn’t use or doesn’t want to use twitter?

I often get weary smile if I try to speak about Twitter at school. Most of them seem to think: “Don’t put even more on my plate.” I’m aware that some people just don’t want and I’ll respect that but I believe that there are also people – whether they are parents or teachers – who just don’t know or can’t imagine the advantages. That was the case for me as well 5 years ago. Or it might be fear not to be able to cope with all the information? I also know this feeling and I had to learn to be selective and to believe and trust that good stuff will come up again. It took me a while not to think that I will miss something if … Realizing not to be connected let me feel missing something / a lot even more.

So my question is how can I break down this wall of twitter hesitation or even refusal? How can I convince parents to follow the @BIS_PS_Library account?

I created small leaflets – maybe they are not visible enough.
I put a poster on the entrance door of the library.
I wrote a blog post and posted it on each class blog.

It doesn’t seem enough. Any ideas? Thanks!


2 replies on “Twitter – No thanks!”

Yes, soon there will be a website for the library – I’m working on it. And there will be a Twitter feed as well. I forgot to mention this. Thanks, Tom.


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