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My story finally ….

This is your life.

It’s done. I felt the flow but even more I am feeling the relief at the moment. Somebody said: 1 hour per minute. Forget about it. It felt like ages. BUT: It was a great learning experience and I’m pretty sure I’ll will tell a story digitally again.




Photo Credit:
This is your life. by  Aaron Fulkerson

Here it is:


Let me tell you a little bit about the process:

It took me a while to decide what story I want to tell. Should it be something personal, something related to school or about my passion regarding technology, f.e. Evernote (next time …)? For the first digital story ever I decided to tell a personal story. I thought that is the easiest for the beginning.

Google Drive
Google Drive was again a very useful tool to start with the outline, to save the pictures and the document for the credits. Not to forget, the document for the credits has to be published to the web. Very useful.

Luckily I know iMovie already a little bit from work in school but I have never used it to that extend. It was the first time that I recorded my own voice, that I underlined the whole thing with a song, that I used pictured I found on the Internet.

The pictures I found mainly on Flickr or Compfight. Part of the pictures I took during my time in South Korea. I’m very thankful that so many photographers already licensed their work so everybody can share, use and even modify them. For the near future it is my plan to license my pictures on Flickr as well.
I was never really sure and I’m still not 100% how to cite in a proper way. I create a google doc, published it to the web and put the link at the end of the movie. Is this the best way? I’m excited to hear and see how other COETAIL members found a solution for giving credit.

Luckily YouTube launched a free audio library just recently. What I worried about most at the start the audio was the easiest job to do. It’s not to easy to find on YouTube but you will find it within the Video Manager and then Creation Tools.

I would love to use Digital Storytelling in school more often. Especially for language learner I see the benefit because they can express themselves through pictures and the spoken language. A little concern arises regarding time. I’m curious know and I will definitely inquirer more into it in future.

13 replies on “My story finally ….”

What a heart-warming video, Verena! And what a lovely tribute to your passion that you’ll always have now. I love that there was so much variety — personal shots, “borrowed” shots, and graphics — and the music was perfect for the background. Thanks for letting us know about YouTube’s free audio library. I struggled with the music for my video, but it sounds like a good source.

How did you do the map with the red line tracking your travels? That was cool, and I’d love to know how it was done.

Finally, if you don’t mind, I may show your video to my 8th grader students in January when they begin their Graduation By Demonstration projects, in which they have to demonstrate what they know about and how they are fulfilling their passions. I’m sure they’ll be inspired by your story.

Congratulations on a great video!


HI Beth,

thank you …

For the animated map I used … Feel free to use the story for your 8th grade. When they are finished, let us know (maybe we can even comment on it). Since I’m teaching primary school, I would love to know what are the passions of 8th grader.


Great job, Verena. The photos were beautiful, especially the one of the Charles bridge. I think you did a good job balancing the sound of your voice over and the music. It’s an uplifting story.

I would really like to know how you did the google map showing movement from city to city.


Fantastic job… I had no clue about YouTube’s audio library, but you picked a great melody to go along with your story. One of the ways I search for photos is by filtering the pictures on Google Docs, which it sounds like you did as well. The great part is you can share that video with your family, friends, and students, and have learned and shared new skills. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Verena,

That is a great video. And I like how you laid out the process of making the video in chunks that are easy to follow.

I made a PowerPoint presentation where I put my pictures. After arranging my pictures, I was able to add text in PPT. I could save the pictures as jpegs and then added them to Windows Movie Maker. That’s how I would have added copyright notices.


regarding the copyright notices I had a similar thought. I could have given each pic in iMovie something like a subtitle. After thinking about it I decided against this solution because in my opinion it would have kind of destroyed the visual effect. I will pay attention to other digital stories and let’s see …


Thanks Verena! I enjoyed that. I spent some time in Kunming and remember those hot and spicy “Cross the Bridge” noodle soups.


Hi Verena,
Wow! This is a very inspiring story. I especially like your narration as it was so personal,genuine and touching. Thank you for laying the process which was clear and helpful. I love the way you used google earth and i will try your technique too. You say this is your first, but to me you are already a pro. So beautifully told.


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