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Small little changes of design

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication - L. Da Vinci
Photo Credit: Wesley Fryer via Flickr

In the article, Understanding Visual Hierarchy in Web Design, Brandon Jones says,

“Good visual hierarchy isn’t about wild and crazy graphics or the newest photoshop filters, it’s about organizing information in a way that’s usable, accessible, and logical to the everyday site visitor.”


What actually does it mean – usable, accessible, and logical?!

Isn’t it related to the design of a web page as well as to the content? What is usable for who?! What additional information does the visitor want and how can I organize them? What does the reader wants to access on top of the blog post itself? How does the website make sense and is logical?

After reading the article mentioned above I got a little bit clearer in my mind. But at the same time I realized how complex this topic is.

Personally I always liked and preferred the minimalistic and simplified approach. Too many colors, to much advertisement, and too many information at the same time overwhelm me. Therefor from the beginning I chose a very plain and simple template for my own website. And still I wouldn’t change too much of the design which made me think more about the content.

Following what I thought about the past week and the small little changes I made:

The banner

Why did I choose the picture for the banner of the website?
Like teaching and learning, swing dancing is my passion although I go definitely not often enough. My first dancing partner drew this picture for me and it will always remind me to do things in life which I feel passion for. For me dancing means learning, moving, inspiration, being a risk taker as well as a communicator, and of course enjoyment and lightness. The picture doesn’t tell anything about the content of my blog though.

Well, I had two options: changing the picture or changing the title of the blog. It was/is a tough decision.

Decision for now: Let’s dance through life! Learning is like dancing.

The posts

The way each posts is shown on the website is not optimal yet. I like the idea very much to see each post with part of the picture of the post, the headline, and a teaser. That is a way easier way to scroll through the page and choose what you want to read. I haven’t found the right template yet but I’m working on it. Maybe somebody has an idea?

Information about me

Like I found on some other websites (f.e. I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself right on the first page. Being at the confrence #OERde13 this weekend in Berlin showed me again how nice it is when you can connect the great inspiration you get through faces. It becomes more real and personal. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just a little bit. Of course that brings me to my “About me” page which could be improved as well.

Tag Cloud

By placing the tag widget at the top of the side menu, I felt it provides viewers the possibility to  scan the page and they might get an immediate idea of the blog’s content. I have never been really sure about the tags widget and honestly I neglected tags for my own blog post (or Evernote) as well. That will change because I see now the advantage of the tags.

Visitor Counting

Do I really need this? Does the reader really need this? Or is this just my ego which needs some confirmation? It’s nice to know that people read my blog but I came to the decision that I rather want people to comment on posts and to show that way their thoughts and interest. So I disabled it.

Design is still a matter of taste for me although there are certain rules and researches which describe the reading habits of visitors of a website. I try my best to focus on the content support by the design of this blog. Of course feedback is always highly appreciated. Thanks.

3 replies on “Small little changes of design”

Hi Verena

I like the design changes. I think they’re big changes to me. 🙂
I love the new name for the blog. It gives me an glimpse into a part of you I hadn’t seen before. It’s important to dance through life and to enjoy every moment of it.



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