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The Totally Underestimated Network

It’s amazing and I can’t describe how thankful I am how the network works and how much I am learning. It seems to come all together at the same time. Just a few examples:

  • All the reading difficulties my German –  and German as a Additional Language – speaker have led to a conversation with my ICT colleague about our Reading Curriculum and how reading on the internet is integrated. At the same time Jeff asked: “What are the strategies for reading on the web? Are we teaching these to our students?” So important. And we want to pay more attention to it.
  • I’m thinking planning of implementing to implement a Tech Tuesday at our school and then Katy Jean Vance posted about her setting and her experiences. Thanks again!
  • It’s my goal to explore Google for professional use with colleagues or/and other networks as well as in classroom more often and this morning I got the chance to experience a shared google document with an very interesting article called 5 examples of how the languages we speak can affect the way we think. Following I had a long discussion with my colleague. Thanks Lissa Layman.
    And there are more examples … I couldn’t ask for more …
    And Jeff … the Coetail Effect … I had to check what “to wordsmith” actually means … 😉
    For me it is about getting aware what is possible. Yes, I observe, I try, I realize that it works, I try old things in a new way and hopefully sooner or later new things in a new way …. I’m getting encouraged and more courageous. There are more chances and possibilities than we think which gets me highly motivated.
    And now I would love to get more into “Online collaborative projects” and other technology innovations (The Horizon Report) but today is my computer-off-evening … Tomorrow. No, I still have some reading time during my commute home. 😉

2 replies on “The Totally Underestimated Network”

Hi Verena,

I feel the same way. I can’t believe the amount of stuff we’ve learned. Makes my head spin, but in a happy way. 😀

I like the word, “Word-Smith” too. I had to stop for a second to try to remember what it meant but it was through the context of what Jeff had wrote that really reminded me what the meaning is. What a GOOD word, because we are constructing knowledge and the word “Smith” connotes someone who creates things: gold-smiths, black-smiths. We are constructing knowledge at the word-level and that is a bit mind-goggling to take in but it’s happening…


How awesome is it that they resources are finding you when you need them. That’s what happens when we turn the network on it’s head…good stuff finds us and it always seems at just the right moment in time.

Excited for you and where you are headed…..a lot of great stuff to let the mind chew on for awhile.


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