Waiting for Superman

The movie is great and very touching. It’s about the american school system, it shows what is going wrong BUT also that we actually have the power. It motivates me to go for it – for the revolution, like a comment on Youtube says:

Why improve an education system that’s already broken? Education Revolution!

Anybody has other good recommendations for documentaries like this?

One reply on “Waiting for Superman”

Wow…that was very moving. Every child deserves a chance and it shouldn’t be up to a lottery. I found it was interesting that the American children ranked the highest in confidence in all the world, but only in 20th place for achievement in school. I think the “confidence” is their downfall. They’ve been told they can “have it all” without really experiencing what real hardship is (comparatively speaking to the rest of the world).

I can speak for Asian countries. For many Asian countries, there is no social safety net if you don’t work hard at school and can’t get a good job. You are on the streets and you will starve. We all have a close relative that starved in the war-times or had to fear for their lives at one point. So, we may lack confidence in the future because we’ve experienced hardship and poverty. But that makes us work harder in school because education is the best guarantee for our future (that we have control over).

Thank you for the thought-provoking video.



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