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Are you ready? Educators everywhere in the world?

One thing I really appreciate almost the most is that I find through COETAIL people who are likeminded. At school (LS) there is one person who is as interested in the revolution like many COETAILers seem to be. By the by she just thinks we should do a geek weekend. ūüėČ I feel free to speak about my visions and passions and this is something I rarely ever experienced before.

Today I started getting into the ISTE Nets for Teachers. WOW – I’m so¬†fascinated¬†by the fact that something like this already exist for a while. It took me 2 1/2 years working in an international school environment to find them. I really recommend to have a look.

My big question is:           Are you ready? Educators everywhere in the world?

Are you ready

  • to facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity?
  • to design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessment?
  • to model digital age work and learning?
  • to promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility?
  • to engage in professional growth and leadership?
From my perspective it all starts with the willingness to get engaged in professional growth. It will open our eyes by itself. Second step probably is to share your own professional growth, your learning and your visions as well as to model digital citizenship.
And the moment I feel like a bubbling bottle of coke (thanks Astrid for this expression). I would love to speak the whole day about nothing else. But how can I reach others? I wish to be somebody who is opening eyes. What kind of support can I give?

The ISTE organisation also provides Essential Conditions. The document showed me that probably everybody of us does already a lot. But still everybody could ask the following (and even more) questions:

  • Do I really live the shared vision? How?
  • How skilled am I? (Here a test of Edutopia.)
  • How can I make sure that I develop myself professionally?
Let’s get ready!


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Hi Verena,
I felt like you when I discovered ISTE nets (for teachers, for students, for coaches…)last year-I was so excited to have a framework and some guidelines. Great organization. A fantastic document to cross reference is the IB document “ICT in the PYP”-you can get it on the OCC. You’ll notice that the PYP ICT skills for inquiry match perfectly with the ISTE nets for students. We just spent some time marrying up ISTE, PYP, Australian Curriculum and 21st Century Fluency Project. This has given us a brilliant framework for ICT across the curriculum.
I also love the like-mindedness of COETAILers and the chance to put into practice what my colleague and I spend so much time talking about! I’m the only person at my school (in fact in Australia, I think!) doing this course, so connecting this way has been excellent PD (in such a short amount of time-can’t wait to see what comes next!).


Hi Beth,

thx! I will definitely check also “ICT in the PYP” on the OCC.

Luckily it became so easy to connect. And this course changed already something. I decided to share more often so I offered to show everybody who is interested how to use the RSS Reader and Evernote. It followed a great conversation with another colleague and we are going to meet to think what could be the next steps at our school. She is from Secondary School and obviously there a people who want to know more, who want to development in a new direction. Let’s take actions!
Enjoy the weekend!


Dear Verena

It’s great to have these connections to talk and share with like-minded people. We might be some of the most radical, brave, cutting-edge teachers around…teachers willing to take professional development in the area of ICT, willing to pay for courses, willing to work for formal qualifications (the Coetail certificate). Most teachers of my generation (much older than you, I think!) are just trying to get-along to retirement without too much disruption in their way of doing things. As we all read, technology can be disruptive innovation and it should be.

So, congratulations to you and to everyone for being pioneers and being willing to stick your neck out and forge new pathways… I can’t believe I can’t wait to read what you all are doing, thinking. The RSS is starting to be my new addiction.

Is the ICT for PYP a copyrighted document? I can’t get into the OCC but I would love to have a look at it.


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