Course 1

Just a little introduction!

My journey up to Coetail

I grew up basically without any computer at home (although I don’t feel that old). In secondary school we did our first steps with Basic programming but I never got into it deeper.

When I started to study at the university I remember that I had to set up an email account. Did I use internet during university time? – I can’t really remember. The reason might be the fact that I did a teaching degree for elementary school instead of Informatics. I tried to combine my interest in technology and education at university for a year before I got the chance at a Software Company Infopark to be a trainer for their costumers. I’m still very thankful for this experience and for the people I met there.

After 4 year though I felt stagnation and it made me questioning what comes next. I traveled for a while before I got another great chance – teaching in Seoul at the German School Seoul International DSSI. It was a great and inspiring experience that I don’t want to miss.

It seems to be a pattern in my life that stagnation in whatever area makes me feel uncomfortable. Again, after 4 years teaching and learning as a homeroom teacher in Seoul I was searching for a new experience and PYP became a new passion for me. Eventually a curriculum already had put a lot of new ideas of teaching in words. A new world was opened.

Fortunately international schools provide an environment to live my passion for technology and education at the same time. I’m in the lucky situation to teach and learn in such great place like the Primary School at BIS. I’m again thankful for all the great people I work with.

If I label and describe my job, it’s “PYP (German) teacher”. But I want to go further, I want to add the technology piece as well. I believe these days all teacher are technology teachers. We need to be and we need to train ourselves to be prepared – always and constantly. That’s why I’m here. 🙂

Let’s start …


One reply on “Just a little introduction!”

Looking forward to learning with you.

I too can’t sit still and change jobs every 3 to 4 years. This is my first year outside the classroom and teaching online and consulting is my “new thing”. I love teaching educators and hopefully my passion will come through in this course.


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